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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 294: On-field mediocrity and Mike Soroka pain

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MLB: Atlanta Braves-Workouts John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The end of June is nearing and, unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves, they haven’t been able to make the run many are hoping for to salvage a maddening season. With that as the backdrop, TC’s Brad Rowland and Eric Cole gather on a Saturday evening for another episode of the Talking Chop Podcast and Episode 294 touches on the following topics:

  • Mike Soroka suffered a devastating re-injury to his Achilles just hours after his walking boot was removed
  • What is next for Soroka? How long will he be out? What kind of effects could this have long-term for the former MLB All-Star?
  • Tucker Davidson is also going to be out for a while
  • The Braves managed to secure a split in a four-game series against the New York Mets, thanks to a pair of shutouts
  • Wednesday and Thursday weren’t a whole lot of fun, with Kyle Wright scuffling and a bullpen game gone awry to begin the weekend in Cincinnati
  • Drew Smyly has been... pretty good recently?
  • The offense has been silent in the last week-plus
  • Atlanta will wrap up an eight-game week on Sunday before returning home to face the Mets and Miami Marlins at home
  • Much, much more

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