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The Daily Chop: Heredia’s big day leads to win, Acuna returns, and more

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Guillermo Heredia was a one man army on Friday evening...just like we would have all predicted a few months ago.

MLB: JUN 18 Cardinals at Braves Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For the moment at least, it was good news for Braves on Friday evening. Drew Smyly pitched well when the Braves really needed him to, the bullpen bent but didn’t break, and Guillermo Heredia had himself a game as the Braves managed to take down the Reds.

With Acuna and Heredia back in the fold and a win under their belts, the team now has a realistic chance of making some hay and trying to climb back towards .500. If this season to this point is any indicator, one shouldn’t get their hopes up...but at least things got a little be better for once instead of some other calamity striking. Lets get to the news..

Braves News

Acuña and Heredia return, Riley sticks at cleanup

In happy news for a change this 2021 season, Ronald Acuna Jr. returned to the Braves lineup as did Guillermo Heredia. Acuna had been out with a sore back (presumably from carrying the team through the first few months of the season), but was back in there on Friday evening.

2021 MLB Draft Preview Position Rankings: Second Base

Our draft coverage continues with Matt’s ranking of the second base prospects in this year’s draft class. Considering the position is often “where shortstops go when they can’t play shortstop”, this is a surprisingly decent group.

Braves minor league recap: Spencer Strider strong in AA debut; Michael Harris goes yard

Spencer Strider struck out eight batters in less than five innings of work during his Double-A debut and Michael Harris crushed a baseball during what was a pretty eventful night down in the Braves’ minor league system on Thursday evening.

MLB News

The Cubs’ bullpen were the ones that locked down their recent no-hitter - as it turns out, they had no idea that was what was happening

Most of the time, when it gets into the later innings, everyone is acutely aware when a no-hitter/perfect game is going on even when they are trying to block it out. That was not the case with the Cubs’ no-hitter as the bullpen (including old friend Craig Kimbrel) had no idea what they had done until the Cubs dugout started charging the mound.

Kyle Schwarber is on fire as he connects for his 8th homer in five games putting him on historic pace

Kyle Schwarber is definitely on one right now for the suddenly scorching hot Nationals. Any power stretch that compares favorably to the hottest stretches from guys like Bonds is generally pretty awesome.