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Braves make no changes to lineup for first nine-inning game since Friday (Updated)

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If you liked last night’s lineup, then you’ll love tonight’s lineup.

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets - Game Two Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The lineups for tonight’s game between the Braves and Mets have officially been released. Let’s waste no more time and jump into how each team will be looking this evening.

As is customary, we’ll start by looking at the Braves:

So, this is an identical lineup from 1-8 as we saw in last night’s second game. The only difference is that Charlie Morton is batting ninth since he’s the pitcher. Other than that, Snitker is rolling with the same lineup as usual.

UPDATE: Guillermo Heredia has been scratched from Atlanta’s lineup due to wrist inflammation. Ender Inciarte will get the start in his place.

The Mets have yet to release their lineup, but we have a decent idea of how they’ll look; plus there may be a returning face for their lineup as well. Earlier today, the Syracuse Mets released their lineup and there was no sign of Michael Conforto. That’s because he’s been activated from the IL following his injury assignment and may be returning to the lineup. Also, the Mets are waiting on the results of an MRI for Jonathan Villar, so that’s the reason for their delay. We’ll update this later with the official lineup.

UPDATE: Here's the lineup for the Mets:

So, No Villar and Conforto won't be starting either. They've definitely made some changes, though. Well worth the wait!