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Ian Anderson pushed back, Greene might be ready soon, Tucker Davidson to Start Thursday

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The Braves are reshuffling their rotation a bit

League Championship - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Some updates for the Braves faithful on Wednesday afternoon.


Ian Anderson was originally scheduled to throw in the series finale against the Nationals, but he’ll get an extra day of rest with the move. Anderson has been arguably the best hurler on a pretty ineffective Atlanta pitching staff to date, but had arguably the worst start of his career last time out against the Flying Dutchman Mets, and the Braves have been pretty liberal with handing out extra rest days so far this year.

Both Bryse Wilson and Tucker Davidson are candidates to start on Thursday in Anderson’s place; by my very quick count Wilson would be pitching with an extra day of regular rest, while Davidson has probably been throwing side sessions given that he last pitched in an official game on May 23.

In other news, how’s this for a weasel word update?

A “chance” of activation within the “next few days!” That could mean anything. One percent is a chance! 99 percent is a chance. Two days is a few days if your time horizon is a week; two millennia is “just a few days” if your time horizon is the Cenozoic era. Anyway, we’ll probably see Shane Greene don a 2021 Braves uniform eventually, but who knows when. Greene did appear in a minor league game yesterday, and the Braves may prefer that he keep ramping up a la Spring Training while facing major league hitters, since it’s not like the bullpen’s been particularly effective anyway (though it’s been better than the rotation...)

UPDATED: June 2nd, 11:05 EST

It appears the Braves have made their decision as to who will get the start in the series finale against the Nationals on Thursday.

Tucker Davidson will get the call to make his third career big league start tomorrow. Earlier this year, be went six innings and allowed three earned runs along with five strikeouts and only one walk against the Mets. Though Patrick Corbin has struggled so far this year, the Braves will certainly hope that Davidson can produce a quality start after short outings from their starters in the previous two games.