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Braves double down on lineup after win

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Maybe they’ll win again!

St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

So, after winning a game for the second time in eight tries, the Braves are going with it again.

It’s the second time they’ve used this lineup (Abraham Almonte’s only hit cleanup three times before this game), and they’re 2-1 with it, so... who knows. Cling to anything that seems slightly favorable at this point, I guess.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals are shaped this way for tonight:

Same lineup as yesterday, except that Edmundo Sosa takes Matt Carpenter’s place at the keystone given that the latter lacks the platoon advantage against Max Fried. This is a novel lineup for St. Louis.

Also, Paul DeJong’s career, hitting-wise, is super-weird. It’s surprising to see him hitting eighth, because he actually has his best xwOBA ever on a seasonal basis right now. Yet, his wRC+ is its lowest ever. Now you know a little bit more about Paul DeJong, I guess.

Go go Statcast graphic!

Nolan Arenado only has a .301 xwOBA over his last 476 PAs. Now you know that too.