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Acuña right back in the lineup for Sunday night finale

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Can’t keep the kid out of action for long, apparently

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves pulled off an unlikely win Saturday night and will try to make it two straight Sunday against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ronald Acuña Jr. is back after his scary plunking yesterday. Otherwise, things are about as you’d expect.

The Phillies apparently like Segura’s work since returning from injury for this series enough to keep him second and drop Rhys Hoskins all the way down to seventh. The Phillies have hit nine different batters seventh this year already; Hoskins will be the tenth after not batting anywhere but second or third so far this season. Weirdly, Hoskins has never hit below fourth anywhere in his career when penciled into the starting lineup, this will literally be his first game hitting anywhere below the top four spots when the game starts.

First pitch is scheduled for 7:08 p.m. ET. There will be two broadcast options with a traditional broadcast on ESPN and a Statcast based production on ESPN2.