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Freddie Freeman gets a day off for for final game of Braves series against Nationals

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The 2020 NL MVP has been mired in a major slump for the past week or so, and he’s been given a day to hang out in the dugout.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Back on April 28, Freddie Freeman went 4-for-5 with a double and a home run. Ever since that game ended, he’s been a bit of a slump where he’s only gone 1 for his last 26 with only a couple of walks sprinkled in there. It’s rare to see Freddie Freeman start a game on the bench for anything other than injury, but today is one of those rare days.

Here’s the lineup for the Braves:

Yep. Ozzie Albies is hitting in the second spot in the lineup, Austin Riley is playing first base, Ehire Adrianza is getting the nod at third base and Foolish Baseball legend Jeff Mathis will be making his first start in a Braves uniform. With the signing of Tyler Flowers being announced earlier today, I’d imagine that Mathis would be the odd one out once Flowers is ready to play again. But for now, Mathis is going to be making the start here and he’ll be joined by a couple of new faces in the lineup as well.

Meanwhile, here’s how the Nationals look:

Yadiel Hernandez and Josh Bell are returning to the lineup for Washington. Other than that, these are the same faces that we’re used to seeing from the Nationals during this series. Plus, you also have to be aware of the looming presence of Juan Soto as a pinch-hitter.