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Inciarte starts in center for Game 3 with Pirates

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No Mitch Stallings for Pittsburgh should make Bryse Wilson’s job a bit easier

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Braves-Pirates, Game 3, is coming your way at 4:10 pm ET. Here’s how the lineups look, with the Statcast graphic in tow.

Inciarte has an 83 wRC+ in 29 PAs with an xwOBA worse than his outcomes; Heredia has a 152 wRC+ in 72 PAs and is also way outperforming his xwOBA, but at least the latter’s is plenty good on its own.

For the Pirates, the big change is catcher Mitch Stallings taking a seat for backup Michael Perez, a light hitter, in a move that hopefully works in Braves starter Bryse Wilson’s favor. Wilmer Difo, who was shelled on the mound yesterday, gets the start at third base. With Stallings not starting, Wilson really only has two potent bats in Frazier and Reynolds to work around or through.

The Braves raised their team batting lines a ton in yesterday’s rout. Will the same happen today? Who knows. Stay tuned.