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Riley moves up to fifth as Braves look to stave off further tribulations

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Dansby Swanson drops to sixth

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For everyone that has exclaimed, “Move Swanson down, but hell, at least move Riley up,” I’ve got some good news:

This will actually be Riley’s ninth time hitting fifth this season alone, so it’s not really a new direction for the lineup or anything... more of a reversion. Still, this is the first time the lineup has been arrayed in exactly this fashion, and the second time it’s these eight guys (with the first time being yesterday).

The top six in this lineup have seen Peterson a few times, thanks to a couple of starts against them last season. Not much to report on that front, though...

As for the Mets, well, they’re really taking their sweet time putting out an official lineup, so we’ll go with this one, and we’ll see if it changes when it’s officially announced.

This is a pretty novel arrangement for the Mets, who were previously batting Fargas ninth. James McCann also gets his first start in this series. Cameron Maybin, acquired from the Cubs recently, gets his first start as a Met. Meanwhile, Pete Alonso grabs the bench, which might make Charlie Morton’s life a little easier tonight.

Not very much familiarity with Morton among this group, as you can see:

Anyway, maybe the Braves will actually win a game or something.