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Braves roll out regular lineup, Vlad Jr. highlights Blue Jays order

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The Braves have to hope their good hitting will continue against a potent Toronto offense.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As the Braves return to action today, it seems they are maintaining confidence in a familiar lineup setup that they have used quite a bit over the past few weeks.

A big key for the Braves to get their offense more consistent is for the bottom of the order to be more productive. Dansby Swanson has continued to make small strides in his production. William Contreras has certainly done his job since taking over the main catching duties. Cristian Pache has struggled this season. If the Braves are going to get back to the being one of the best lineups in the game, it as much on the bottom of the order as it is the top of the lineup.

Many of the Blue Jays best offensive talents will be in the lineup tonight. However, their big offseason addition, George Springer, will likely not be available this series. Springer made a big difference for the Jays in their sweep of Atlanta a few weekends ago. However, even without Springer, there is still plenty of reason for Bryse Wilson to be cautions and a big need for him to be at his best tonight.