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Braves claim RHP Jay Flaa off waivers from Orioles

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The Braves made yet another roster move as they look to get on track after the first month or so of the season.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves have been quite busy the last few days in managing their roster. Aside from the highlight move of signing Shane Greene to bolster their bullpen, they have recalled Bryse Wilson to start tonight’s game, signed Tanner Roark to a minor league deal, and have made a several shuffles between Gwinnett and the big league roster to make such moves work.

However, when the Braves made one of their last moves yesterday, it ended up resulting in a free spot on the 40 man roster which led to a certain amount of speculation as to who would fill it.

Sorry, Mitch Haniger trade hopefuls....the move ended up being a bit less impactful.

You are excused if you are not familiar with Jay Flaa as he has a grand total of 1.1 innings at the major league level during one singular appearance for the Baltimore Orioles. A cursory look at his minor league numbers shows that he has been pretty tough against opposing righties and seems to have had his fair share of issues with giving up too many walks. The scouting report on him when he was drafted had him throwing a low 90’s fastball and an above average to plus slider that was his best pitch.

For a team that needs right-handed help/depth in the bullpen, this seems like a reasonable claim and stash arm that could be helpful as the season progresses.