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Road to Atlanta Podcast: Opening week in Braves minor league baseball

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After 19 calendar months, minor league baseball is back and the Talking Chop minor league team talks Atlanta Braves prospects from the first week on the latest Road to Atlanta podcast.

Michael Harris was one of the first week’s standouts.
Photo Credit: Garrett Spain

Road to Atlanta is our weekly podcast where we discuss all things minor leagues and prospects for our beloved Atlanta Braves. We have relaunched the podcast and it can be found in the same stream with the Talking Chop podcast, so if you subscribe to have easy access to R2A as well. Episodes will go live (most of the time) every Thursday evening and will cover a wide range of topics including top performances from the previous week, deep dives into specific prospects or topics, and lots of sweet guests.

After what feels like forever - over a year and a half without a real minor league game, we finally have minor league baseball back and in it’s new form after major changes from this past year.

New changes (Rome now High A), new teams(Augusta), and plenty of new players have been a theme of the first week of the season in the Atlanta Braves system and the minor leagues in general, though plenty of names from 2019 are still playing prominent roles down on the farm.

Join the Talking Chop minor league team on the latest Road to Atlanta to find out what happened in the first week back in minor league baseball in the Braves system. From the 2019 and 2020 draft picks to existing prospects in the system, as well as a new breakout prospect we have you covered on everything that happened during the opening week on the Braves farm.