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The Daily Chop: Doubleheader in DC, Martin injury, Forbes valuation, and more

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Utilizing the taxi squad is, evidently, beneath the Nationals in the eyes of the league office.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Major League Baseball has made some blatantly awful decisions during the tenure of commissioner Rob Manfred, including a particularly egregious blunder last week. The league has also been inconsistent in its implementation of COVID protocols as it pertains to maintaining a normal schedule. The intent of taxi squads was, allegedly, to maintain the integrity of the schedule while affording at-risk players and coaches the opportunity to quarantine as necessary. That plan was not enacted this week, as the league instead postponed the Braves-Nationals game on Monday, opting to have the clubs participate in a doubleheader on Wednesday instead. The two will actually begin their series on Tuesday, but this seemingly goes against the plan that was originally outlined by the league. Rob Manfred’s MLB is nothing if not inconsistent in its regulations, its penalties, and its response to societal pressures. By all means, blunder this one too. Let’s hope the past five days are not an indication of how the league will continue to operate in 2021 and beyond.

Braves News

Chris Martin listed as ‘day-to-day’ after leaving Sunday’s game early with finger numbness

A key member of the Braves bullpen received great news on Monday, as Chris Martin is listed as day-to-day after feeling numbness following his outing on Sunday.

Atlanta Braves rank 11th on Forbes list of most valuable franchises

A new ballpark, a thriving multi-use complex, and savvy real estate investments have helped to push the Braves to the brink of the top-ten most valuable franchises in baseball.

3 things to keep in mind about Braves

A little perspective from Mr. Bowman after a tough opening series.

Unannounced change made on Braves radio broadcasts

This may be the most vague headline ever created, but here you go. Something has changed, but we have no idea what it is.

Braves Podcasts

Talking Chop Podcast Episode 282: The first weekend was suboptimal

MLB News

2021 MLB All-Star Game will be played at Coors Field after event pulled out of Atlanta

Someone else can shill for the league or try to extract something worthwhile from this nonsense, because I certainly will not. Some light reading about voting procedures in Colorado will probably yield a similar reaction from others out there. Then again, it’s all about the narrative, so facts probably won’t make a difference.

Stanton CRUSHES grand slam 471 feet

Please let this man stay healthy. Home runs that travel this far are always entertaining.

A’s call up No. 2 prospect Puk; Pinder to IL

The A’s are calling up lanky left-hander AJ Puk.