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Braves vs. Phillies: 4/4/2021 Game Thread

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Ian Anderson vs. Zach Eflin

MLB: APR 01 Braves at Phillies Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It certainly would be nice for the Braves to get their first victory of the season, and to do it in convincing fashion. Plus, the Braves have not been swept in a three-game series since the last three games against the Mets of the 2019 season (they had nothing to play for at that time.) With a win needed and a fun opportunity in front of them, here are three fun predictions for today’s game:

  1. Pablo Sandoval ends the day tied with multiple folks for the team lead in home runs.
  2. Ian Anderson begins his Rookie of the Year campaign with a statement outing.
  3. The Braves win with early offense and wrap up the win thanks to solid defense.

Nothing too spicy, but I feel strongly the Braves will rise to the occasion today. Hope you enjoy the game, and enjoy the conversation and interaction below. We simply ask that you be kind and courteous.

Enjoy the Game! Go Braves!