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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 285: A Sunday to forget

Arizona Diamondbacks v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves had a very strange week, including three (?!) off days with the “help” of a postponement on Saturday. Then, things ended in pretty dismal fashion, and that provides the backdrop for Episode 285 of the Talking Chop Podcast.

TC’s Brad Rowland and Scott Coleman discuss the following topics:

  • Sunday’s double-header was an all-time disaster for the Braves
  • Was that rock bottom for Atlanta? Was Sunday the worst (regular season) day in a long time?
  • The Drew Smyly era is not going super well after three starts, even if it is... just three starts
  • Checking in on Atlanta’s bats — outside of the two superstars — and things are pretty ugly overall
  • Saturday’s scheduled clash was postponed, and it was a landmark occasion for the Diamondbacks
  • Cristian Pache might be in Gwinnett for a while
  • The NL East is not excelling on the whole, which opens up opportunity for the Braves
  • What now? What’s coming this week against the Cubs and Blue Jays?
  • Much, much more

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