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The Daily Chop: Atlanta attendance, Free agent pitchers, Player turnarounds, and more

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The Braves expect to raise attendance for the second homestand, which begins Friday.

Atlanta Braves v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Aside from play actually beginning in April, as it should, the biggest development from the standpoint of baseball returning to normal has been the fans. Even allowing highly-restricted capacity has been a marked improvement from a season ago, but now it appears that the Braves will look to increase capacity to 50% for their upcoming homestand.

Braves News

Starting Nine: Is a sizable free-agent pitching deal finally paying off?

Cory looks at nine key points for the Braves, including their signing of Charlie Morton. The right-hander has been as-advertised thus far and having him healthy and effective is especially important given the volume of injuries throughout the roster.

5 NL East players who can turn it around

Predicting that Freddie Freeman will hit well seems like low-hanging fruit, especially when he is less than 25 games removed from his MVP season. It’s probably safe to say that he’ll be fine.

MLB News

Trout exits game early after HBP on elbow

Let this man be healthy, please. Baseball needs to see just how ridiculously talented Mike Trout is, which means playing a full season.

Sweep! Heyward’s knock in 10th wins it

The man with most baseball cards on Earth

That’s a lot of baseball cards.