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Nationals intend to open the season versus Braves down 9 players

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COVID and contact tracing has the Nationals down at least 9 players but hopeful they can begin season versus Braves

MLB: Spring Training-Washington Nationals at St. Louis Cardinals Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Athletic’s senior writer Britt Ghiroli dropped this unfortunate piece of news just now.

The Nationals, who had their series against the New York Mets canceled due to COVID positive tests and contact tracing look to begin their season this Monday against the Braves with the unfortunate news that they will be down NINE (9!!!!) players.

It is believed that Max Scherzer will get the ball for the Nationals but it’s a situation that is very fluid and may change over the course of the weekend.

An absolutely horrible way to start the season for the Washington Nationals who are left now having to scramble to field a team that will differ largely from their opening day roster.

A hint of “good” news is that all players at the Nationals alternate site have tested negative.

Drew Smyly is scheduled to make his Atlanta Braves debut that Monday but much is still up in the air including if the game will be played at all. For now, all we know for certain is that the Braves play the Phillies on Saturday at 4:05 PM ET. Stay tuned as we will continue to monitor the situation for any updates.