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Smyly to IL, Wright and Camargo recalled

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Kyle Wright will start the opener against the Cubs

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

So, I don’t have too many words for this:

Smyly hitting the shelf is not particularly unexpected; he hasn’t been able to stay healthy since 2016. The hope was that he would produce enough when able to take the mound to make up for his relatively high injury risk. At this point, future production will have to wait. Let’s just hope that inflammation is inflammation, and not something more sinister.

UPDATE: This is perhaps hopeful news, though I’ve seen enough pitcher injuries progress from mild to out-for-the-season to not glance askance at this sort of messaging:

Kyle Wright, who had an inconsistent 2020 season in basically every baseball sense of that word, will make his 2021 debut in Smyly’s place. Wright did not make the roster out of Spring Training. For those of us wondering why this game is going to Wright and not Wilson — perhaps Wilson will make his season debut in Max Fried’s spot instead.

Wright had a nasty -0.1 composite fWAR in eight starts in 2020, but had one good start in his penultimate regular-season outing and mostly kept runs off the board in his most recent regular season start. He was effective in one postseason start, but was obliterated by the Dodgers in the NLCS.

Johan Camargo rejoins the team after Tucker Davidson was optioned off the roster without getting into a game. He’s walked once and made two outs in three PAs so far this season.