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Max Fried to have MRI on hamstring after baserunning injury

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When it rains misery, it pours

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

What’s worse than getting shelled by the Marlins for one of the worst starts of your career, as your manager inexplicably leaves you in the game to tank the team’s chance of winning?

Apparently, being left in to hit for yourself and then suffering a baserunning injury. Yes, this is a thing that happened today to Max Fried, and “unfortunate” is a strong understatement.

Hopefully everything comes back fine and Fried is able to rebound both physically and from a pitching effectiveness perspective in short order, but in brief: yikes. Baseball karma apparently saw fit not to punish the Braves by having Fried hurt himself while being hung out to dry while pitching, only to nick him doing a different kind of baseball activity he doesn’t primarily engage in. Thanks, baseball karma.

Fried has not had a particularly good start to 2021. He did fine by either outcomes or peripherals in his first two outings, but got obliterated by the Marlins on Tuesday night.

Stay tuned for updates.