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Freeman bats second, Albies to fifth as Braves shake things up

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The Braves lineup looks nearly identical to the lineup from October. It served them well then; will it do so in 2021?

MLB: APR 11 Phillies at Braves Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Braves have struggled on offense in the early going, with timely hits eluding many members of the lineup. Brian Snitker has opted to move things around for Tuesday’s game against the Marlins, moving Freddie Freeman to the second spot and moving Ozzie Albies down to the fifth spot.

Here’s a look at how Miami looks to continue last nights winnings ways behind Pablo Lopez. It took Miami a bit to actually announce their lineup (we just had to grab it from MLB’s site), but Berti and Alfaro starting are the important notes here as well as Rojas leading off.

After last nights 1-for-4 performance with a walk, Corey Dickerson gets the night off in left field and Miguel Rojas finds himself hitting lead off. Sterling Marte hits second for the second night in a row, while the rest of the lineup is shuffled around including Berti getting the start at second, and Alfaro back behind the plate.