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Monday night open thread

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The last week of 2021

Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Six Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

My father-in-law got me a Braves hat with the “2021 World Series Champions” patch on it as a gift. He said, “I know you don’t care about the playoffs, but it was important to me that you have one with the patch.” Thing is, the hat was a size 8. Now, look: my wife has a running joke that my head is giant. Given that phrenology is (very appropriately!) not a thing anymore, I don’t actually know if my head is giant or not. But, it is certainly not anywhere near enough to even fake being able to wear a size 8 hat. Not even with a set of long-overdue-for-a-haircut, out-of-control hair, it just engulfs my head when I try to wear it. Today I asked my wife if the giant hat was supposed to be a joke, but she said she had no idea and no one asked her about my hat size (it’s 7 3/8). So, how big does my father-in-law think my head is? Oy.