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Friday night open thread

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Rule 5 protection deadline madness

Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Parade Photo by Dustin Chambers/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The deadline to add players to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft was today, so there have been so, so many minor moves as teams scramble to protect prospects they’d prefer not get poached, and outright a bunch of others off the roster in the process. In the near future, I’m sure we’ll see a modest buffet of “which potentially interesting unprotected prospects eligible for Rule 5 selection” are out there, once the dust settles.

Aside from that, some things you may have missed from earlier today:

  • The Rangers extended manager Chris Woodward, to prevent the lame duck situation that teams generally avoid with managers.
  • Niko Goodrum, who was a potentially-interesting utility target for contenders before about 500 pretty poor PAs’ worth of playing time in 2020-2021, cleared outright waivers and is now a free agent. The switch hitter is still kind of an interesting consideration for a utility role, with consistently higher OAA marks than either UZR or DRS.
  • The Orioles claimed Lucius Fox off waivers from the Royals. That’s kind of interesting because A) you don’t usually see 40 FV-type prospects straight-up available on waivers, at least not before they’ve hit the majors and struggled or something, and B) because of his name.