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After a sensational 17 year career, Sean Kazmar has officially retired.

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A pro’s pro calls it a career.

MLB: Spring Training-Atlanta Braves at Detroit Tigers Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It takes a lot to play professional baseball. Just the grind alone in the lower minors is enough to end a lot of careers on its own. Add in the fact that you’re battling for one of 25 spots on just 30 teams around the entire country and it’s enough to make most players ultimately give up on their passion. But, not Sean Kazmar. Sean played in just 19 games for the San Diego Padres back in 2008 and didn’t touch the majors again up until 2021 where he had just two at bats, for a grand total of 48 plate appearances across a professional career that lasted 17 years.

Everything you’ve heard about Sean was nothing but positive. He played where you needed him, he hit in the lineup where you needed him and he never complained. All he did was play an astounding 1,753 games where he hit a very respectable .257/.311/.370. Some players are bound to be organizational types of players and Sean recognized that and did whatever the team, and organization needed.

Sean leaves the game as a Gwinnett Striper legend with many records to his name including games played, hits, runs, RBI, and total bases - all according to the Gwinnett Stripers, and records even they don’t think will be broken.

It is only fitting that after a long career of doing whatever the team needed from him that Sean Kazmar can go out World Series Champion. Here’s to you, Sean.