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The Daily Chop: Wrapping up our Top 30 Braves prospects list, remembering Tommy Lasorda

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The prospect list is now fully rolled out for all to enjoy.

League Championship - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Six Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Our big project here at Talking Chop this past week has been our preseason Top 30 Braves prospects list. The list has been an institution here at TC and since I have run the minor league side of things, we have produced two lists each year: one before the season begins and one at the midseason mark. I cannot stress to you how much it sucked to both not have minor league baseball this year to watch and analyze, but also to break that rhythm up.

However, prospecting will not wait for anyone and at the of the day, these are merely fun thought exercises...I promise where we rank a guy is not binding to him or to anyone for that matter. The final installment with our top six Braves prospects rolled out yesterday and if you want to get caught up on the whole list, there are links in that final installment to every single one of our previous installments.

Before the list was rolled out, several of us including a rather sickly Matt Powers got together and previewed the prospect list a bit in podcast form. If you are looking for some listening material while you are in the car or reading the prospect write-ups above, make sure to give that podcast a listen and subscribe to the podcast stream on whatever your preferred platform may be. We would appreciate it.

Most of the Braves news from the last few days was covered ably by Kris in the Chop yesterday, but one neat nugget from earlier in the week that deserves refreshing is that Hank Aaron, arguably the greatest baseball player to ever live and all-around amazing human being, received the COVID-19 vaccine. Hank said that his goal is to lessen the concerns that some may have about receiving the vaccine and make them more likely to get it. We love you, Hank.

In much sadder news outside of the Braves sphere, baseball lost an icon yesterday as legendary Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda passed away. Lasorda had been discharged from the hospital just a couple of days ago, but left the world at the age of 93. Lasorda was one of the most recognizable faces in baseball when he was managing and remained a relentless global ambassador for the game. He will be missed.