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The Daily Chop: Absolute Silence, TC Prospects 25-30, Single-Season Greats, and more

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The Braves have gone completely silent since the signing of Charlie Morton before Thanksgiving.

MLB: NLCS-Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The entire league has been very quiet, aside from the Padres, for the majority of this offseason. Teams have been hesitant to spend, which has depressed the free agent and trade markets alike. The Braves are no exception.

Regardless of the root cause, Atlanta has done virtually nothing since the signing of Charlie Morton six weeks ago. In fact, the Braves have not been connected to a free agent or trade target in that time. The club still has plenty of time to alter the roster, but for now we are left with nothing. No rumors from this air-tight front office, no signings, and no trades. There are obvious holes that can be found on the Atlanta roster, namely the place in the batting order behind Freddie Freeman. Will the Braves make an aggressive attempt to fill that need and others?

Time will tell for how the remainder of the offseason will play out, but for now we can only speculate until something of substance is reported.

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