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The Daily Chop: MLB, MLBPA negotiating, but are they making progress?

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Will the sides reach a deal prior to Spring Training?

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

With less than a month before pitchers and catchers report to camp, important questions remain about what the 2021 season will entail. MLB and MLBPA are reportedly at an impasse on issues such as postseason structure and the universal designated hitter.

The inclusion of the universal DH seems like a win for players, but it may not be the bargaining chip it seems when compared to the benefits that owners receive from expanded playoffs, says Eno Sarris.

Regardless of what agreements take place, they will need to be ironed out very quickly. The season is fast-approaching and everyone involved needs clarity. Teams need to know the number of positions they’re filling to properly make personnel decisions and players need teams to show interest. These converging needs would seem to spark some movement from each side but the progress appears to have halted with the latest offer. We can only hope that something positive develops in the near-term.

Braves News

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MLB News

Cactus League recommends postponing Spring Training in Arizona, per report

More posturing from the league or genuine concern for safety? It’s really hard to tell, but let’s hope this is the latter and not a ploy by the owners to limit games played.

5 key questions before Hall announcement

There is nothing more satisfying than watching clueless writers make awful choices, then watching everyone else try to make sense of them. It’s Hall of Fame season, folks.

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