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Sunday night open thread

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More things have happened

Atlanta Braves v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

A few notes for your perusal on Sunday night:

First, the Nationals have signed Brad Hand to a one-year, $10.5 million deal. This raises the question of why they didn’t just claim him on waivers in the first place, if that’s where they were willing to go. Good job, everyone.

Second, Buster Olney provided a point of clarification on the whole “Braves in on Springer ‘til the end” thing. Apparently, the Braves were “in” in the sense that they were prepared to offer him a shorter deal as a backup plan in case he didn’t get the overall contract he desired. He clearly did with a six-year pact, and that’s not what I would characterize as “in,” but whatever. He’s off to what’s looking like a really strong team in Toronto.

But seriously, someone explain the Brad Hand thing.