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Max Fried expected to be ready for playoffs

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Alex Anthopoulos says Fried underwent testing on Wednesday night after injuring his ankle and is expected back in time for the playoffs next week.

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Braves were collectively holding their breaths on Wednesday night as Max Fried exited the game after the first inning with what was called an “ankle tweak”, but according to GM Alex Anthopoulos, Fried is expected to be ready by the time the playoffs begin next week.

Here is part of Anthopoulos’ interview on MLB Network Radio:

Anthopoulos said, in part, “We got a bunch of tests done on (Fried) last night and, for the most part, he’s going to be fine. The fact we have a week before game one of the playoffs to give him some rest and rehabilitation ... we’ll come up with a bullpen session or simulated game for him before game one, but he’ll be good to go. We expect him to be good to go.”

Assuming Fried is indeed ready to go in seven days, the Braves will need him as close to 100% as humanly possible if they hope to make a run in the playoffs. After losing ace Mike Soroka to injury in August, the club has had to mix and match their way through the 60-game season. They would not be able to withstand losing Fried, even with the way the lineup and bullpen have performed.

We will have updates on Fried’s status in the coming days as we get closer.