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Introducing the new “Super Acuña” shirt from Breaking T

Another must-have addition for Braves fans

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Ronald Acuña Jr. has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle a bit with Freddie Freeman and Marcell Ozuna pushing for the MVP. Make no mistake about it though, Acuña is still the key piece for the Atlanta Braves. Acuña has improved again this season taking his game to another level and has done so while spending most of his time in centerfield. While he is capable of carrying a team offensively, he reminded us earlier this week that he is also capable of making an impact with his glove as well.

The “Super Acuña” t-shirt is the latest addition to the Atlanta Collection at Breaking T. It is an officially licensed product by the Major League Player’s Association and is available in a variety of sizes. Don’t wait! Get one of your own now!