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Braves/Yankees game postponed due to rain

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Welp, so much for Ian Anderson’s debut and Acuna’s return

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we were all geared up for the return of Ronald Acuna Jr. and Nick Markakis as well as the debut of Ian Anderson this evening. It was going to be a big test for a reinforced Braves squad against one of the better teams in the entire league in the Yankees.

Sadly, Mother Nature cares not for our excitement.

The weather tomorrow in the Atlanta area should be better than it has been today, has rained all day, so the Braves should be able to get their new doubleheader in without issue. The Braves could, in theory, move things around a bit to have it where Ian doesn’t have to face off against Gerrit Cole if they so choose as well, although the actual value of doing that is debatable at best.