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The Daily Chop: Freeman details fight with COVID-19, Braves select contracts of Tomlin and Alonso

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Freddie Freeman had quite the ordeal recovering from COVID-19.

Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The loss of Freddie Freeman under any circumstances, from a baseball perspective, could have been devastating for the Atlanta Braves in particular during a shortened season. However, upon his triumphant return to the field after successfully testing negative for COVID-19 back-to-back times, he story of how scary his ordeal with the disease was is a reminder of the very real human cost that some people are paying when stricken with coronavirus.

In an excellent read from Mark Bowman, Freeman talks about how his fever spiked up to 104.5 and he thought about having to go to the hospital and being afraid to fall asleep. The quote that he gave that was the most sobering was when he was talking about saying a little prayer that night and saying ‘Please, don’t take me.’

Obviously, Freeman’s story turns out well as his fever did come back down and he eventually felt better and simply had to wait for back to back negative test results so that he could get back on the field. About 45 minutes after getting that news, he was at Truist Park getting his final medical checkup and he was back out the field. However, Freddie’s story is a reminder that COVID-19 effects everyone in a slew of different ways and we all need to make sure we are looking out for each other and understanding that this virus is very real and very scary.

More Braves News

Braves select contracts of RHP Josh Tomlin and INF Yonder Alonso

In other, less scary news, the Braves made moves to add Josh Tomlin and Yonder Alonso to the active roster. Tomlin is a fine option for a slightly expanded roster especially when one considers that the Braves seem to be planning on piggybacking starters through the season’s first couple of weeks. Yonder Alonso seems more like an option to guard against Freddie missing any time as well as a pinch-hitting option.

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Braves Player Pool Profiles: Tyler Matzek

We have been working our way through the Braves’ player pool with profiles on players ranging from the top prospects in the system to journeymen that are around more for depth and emergencies only. The trio of profiles we put out yesterday cover that range as we have profiles on the Braves’ top prospect in Cristian Pache who is almost certainly a part of the Braves futures as well as a pair of depth guys in Pete Kozma and Tyler Matzek who, well, may not play a huge role in the Braves’ present let alone future.

MLB News

Blue Jays denied permission to play baseball in Toronto

One of the weird wrinkles in the 2020 season is that the the US-Canadian border is closed due to the pandemic which complicated any plans for the Blue Jays to participate. While the team was cleared to do workouts at their home park, the prospect of having visiting American teams come into the country repeatedly proved to be a dealbreaker for Canadian officials. Now the team has to explore other options including playing in minor league facilities in Buffalo, New York.