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2020 MiLB Season reportedly canceled, Indy Ball may be option for some players (UPDATED)

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With the MiLB season seemingly done as we know it, those minor leaguers not on 60-man rosters will be allowed to play Indy Ball this summer.

Photo Credit: Garrett Spain

UPDATE - More reports suggest that the 2020 Minor League season will be officially canceled later today are surfacing.

The fate of the 2020 Minor League Baseball season is all but sealed, as The Athletic’s Evan Drellich reports a decision can come Tuesday, June 30. All hope is not lost should the Minor League Baseball board of trustees cancel the season after their meeting Tuesday morning, however.

Per Baseball America’s J.J. Cooper, minor-league players that did not make the 60-man player pool are now allowed to play this summer in those independent leagues attempting to play a season. Those players wishing to find a roster can only do so with their respective MLB team’s consent.

While this won’t replace the current minor-league contracts suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can help in player development should they wish to play organized ball this summer. As Cooper points out, there are some hurdles.

  • Not all Indy League’s are open for business. The Frontier and Atlantic League have already shut down for 2020, however the American Association is having a 60-game season.
  • Even with their MLB team’s consent, the player assumes risk. If said player gets injured, it could put their 2021 season in doubt, or worse, void their contract.
  • MLB teams cannot recommend or help their players find a team. The minor-leaguers have to do so on their own.

The Braves announced 56 spots of their 60-man roster over the weekend, and three of Talking Chop’s preseason top 15 prospects were left off the list thus far: Trey Harris, Michael Harris and Victor Vodnik. All three could suffer from a summer off, but taking on the risks are also understandable. Trey Harris in particular seems like a prospect destined for the 60-man roster should the Braves not fill those final four slots before camp ends.

Other notable Braves top 30 prospects that were left off the 60-man roster were Justin Dean, C.J. Alexander, Mahki Backstrom and Vaughn Grissom.