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The Daily Chop: New proposal brings renewed hope for MLB season

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Baseball has been in turmoil for months but Wednesday brought a significant development in negotiations.

Red Sox vs Northeastern Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Owners, players might be close to deal for 2020 MLB season, per report

Reports surfaced from many sources, some more trustworthy than others, who all said that MLB and the MLBPA had made significant progress toward a new deal after the owners made another proposal on Wednesday. No deal has been agreed upon yet, but it does appear that the sides are trying to make a season happen.

MLB makes a new offer for 2020 season

Rob Manfred flew to Arizona on Wednesday to meet with MLBPA president Tony Clark. The commissioner has been a lightning rod for public frustrations since his weak comments to ESPN earlier this week, which may have influenced his willingness to board a plane and meet with Clark face-to-face.

Draftee Elder’s winding road back to baseball

Braves draftee Bryce Elder has followed an unorthodox road to the big leagues, but is now poised to sign his first professional contract and begin his ascent toward Atlanta.

Here’s the greatest switch-hitting lineup of all time

A familiar face occupies a prominent position in this lineup constructed entirely of switch hitters.

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