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Road to Atlanta Podcast: Recapping the 2020 Braves Draft and being mad at Rob Manfred

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MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Road to Atlanta is our podcast where Talking Chop discusses all things minor leagues and prospects for the Atlanta Braves. The show can be found on the same feed with the Talking Chop podcast.

In Episode 28 of the Road to Atlanta Podcast, Matt Powers and Eric Cole start off by voicing deep displeasure with the state of the negotiations regarding the fate of the 2020 baseball season. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is essentially trying to extort legal guarantees that no sane human would agree to under normal circumstances and, well, they don’t like it.

They also miss baseball.

After those rants, Eric and Matt turn their attention to the 2020 Draft which wrapped up last week and they break down each of the new Braves including Jared Shuster, Jesse Franklin, Spencer Strider, Bryce Elder, as well as the undrafted free agents the Braves have signed so far.

It was fun to talk about actual baseball things and less fun to talk about the exceedingly rich trying to get exceedingly richer.


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