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Players Association rejects MLB’s latest proposal

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The union also asked MLB to inform it of how many games it intends to play and when players should report

New York Yankees v New York Mets Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

As expected, the Major League Baseball Players Association rejected MLB’s latest proposal and will not send a counter proposal according to a report by ESPN’s Jeff Passan. The union also sent a letter asking the league to inform it of how many games it intends to play and when players should report to the second spring training.

While the league has submitted multiple proposals to the union, the terms were not that different. Essentially, the players asked to play more games but the league was unwilling to compensate them the full 100 percent of their prorated agreement from March.

The union’s letter demanded that the league inform them of their plans by close of business on Monday, June 15.

The union also released a statement from Players Association Executive Director Tony Clark.

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal adds that there are still open issues between the two sides in regards to on-field rules, player transactions, roster and other items that must also be worked out.

While it appears that we will finally have assurance that baseball will be played in 2020, it is hardly the deal anyone wants other than the baseball owners. The players are begrudgingly returning to work and quite frankly the fans and the sport deserved a better effort from the league to play a longer season.

Indirectly this sets the stage for what is going to be an ugly showdown come December 1, 2021 when the current CBA expires. We are assured of a short baseball season in 2020 and hopefully we will have something that resembles a normal 2021 season. Fans of this sport better enjoy every minute of it because the next layoff could be a long one.