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MLB Mock Draft: FanGraphs 3.0 mock has the Braves taking shortstop Nick Loftin

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FanGraphs thinks the Braves are going to double dip in the Baylor pool.

MLB: AL Wild Card-Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Two days ago, FanGraphs dropped a mock which had the Braves taking RHP Bryce Jarvis out of Duke. This time around, the Braves take a college bat in Nick Loftin with the 25th pick; a short stop out of Baylor. This would make two years running with the Braves taking a Baylor player in the 1st round.

While he doensn’t have a ton of upside, this pick could be closer to what the Braves got with Braden Shewmake last year in that he might be a bit undervalued. He mostly has average tools across the board, but does have an above average to plus arm. Loftin should be able to stick at shortstop, too. A lot of mocks have Loftin moving up draft boards, so with a premium being put on bats it might be surprising for him to be available when the Braves pick. This does raise the question as to whether or not this mock pick fits, especially given what other names have been floated as possibilities, but for the moment we are going to file this away.