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MLB Mock Draft: Baseball America projects Duke RHP Bryce Jarvis to Braves

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Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Duke right-hander Bryce Jarvis has been a popular name linked to the Atlanta Braves in a lot of mock drafts in the lead up to the 2020 MLB Draft. Some of the conventional thinking around that is with the Braves taking a good and safe prospect with their first pick possibly at an underslot and then looking to add some higher risk/ceiling players in the later rounds.

Baseball America released version 8.0 of its mock draft Wednesday morning and again has Jarvis going to Atlanta at No. 25.

The Braves remain difficult to figure out. We’ve heard the rumors of high school arms, but there’s not one on the board that makes enough sense to get here (Nick Bitsko could get more money further down the board) and we also haven’t heard that rumor directly. We’ve gotten some reasonable feedback with Jarvis, and he fits on talent in this range.

Alex Anthopoulos and company usually keep things tight to the vest but I think in this situation, this is more of a team with a lot of different options. The Braves are likely considering many different scenarios for their draft and that has become even more difficult given the uncertainty of how other teams will approach a five round draft.

If you are curious, BA has Jared Kelley going to the Indians at No. 23 and Chris McMahon at No. 27.