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The Daily Chop: Is the DH leaving the National League in 2021?

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The rule change was popular in 2020, but may not stick around for another season.

League Championship - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After the adoption of the universal DH in 2020, fans are now clamoring for the league to implement the position permanently in the National League. Reports surfaced on Monday, stating that Major League Baseball is telling teams to operate under the assumption that the DH will not exist in the NL next season. This sort of tone deafness after the change was widely celebrated, would be the epitome of baseball operations under the watch of commissioner Rob Manfred. The offseason is well over a month old and still we are discussing hypotheticals rather than dealing with concrete facts, and the rumored hypothetical is one that nobody supports.

The idea of transforming the league back into a place where pitchers are forced to bat is just asinine and unnecessary. Pitchers are already a liability from an injury perspective, and now they will have to bat again after not doing it for 18 months. Also, they are miserable to watch. Common sense will hopefully prevail, but at this point we can only hope.

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