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Wednesday night open thread

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New Year’s Eve Eve

National League Division Series Game 1: Los Angeles Dodgers v. San Diego Padres Photo by Kelly Gavin/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I legitimately had to check to determine that tonight was indeed Wednesday night. It’s been that kind of everything.

In any case, it hasn’t exactly been a quiet conclusion to 2020 on the baseball front, due to AJ Preller of the Padres basically deciding to make an offseason’s worth of headlines for himself.

Today has been much quieter by comparison, with only a few small deals to go around, like the Mariners signing the always-fun-to-say Jimmy Yacabonis to a minor league deal.

In any case, in this thread, vote on the below — which would be more Mets?

  • The Mets fail to sign George Springer and instead give out a way less whelming, too-long deal to a much worse player, as they did with J.T. Realmuto by way of James McCann; or
  • The Mets sign George Springer to a pretty sizable deal, yet still pull a Mets in 2021 and don’t go anywhere despite a very strong team composition on paper?