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The Daily Chop: Andruw Jones should be in the Hall of Fame

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With a quiet offseason weekend, lets look at the chatter surrounding Andruw Jones’ Hall of Fame candidacy.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

Normally in this space, we look at the news from the previous day and give those articles a bit of bump for those that weren’t able to monitor the goings-on on a minute by minute basis and need to catch up. However, Saturday was especially barren on the news cycle, so if you are needing to catch up further back....yesterday’s Chop can get you up to speed quickly.

However, the one topic of conversation on social media and elsewhere that has connections to the Braves has been the Hall of Fame candidacy of one Andruw Jones. This has been a popular topic here at Talking Chop for a long time with podcast legend Brad Rowland championing Jones’ case for the Hall of Fame on this site as well as other forms of media for years now.

Andruw’s case for the Hall of Fame is a complicated one with a late career swoon and a lack of some counting stats being the biggest cited knocks against him. However, with Andruw being widely considered to be among the absolute best defensive centerfielders to ever play the game with fantastic offensive peak and fairly strong overall offensive profile, it is more than just us that is wondering why Andruw hasn’t gotten more love from Hall of Fame voters....although it is worth mentioning that it appears that he is slowly converting some voters this year like he did the year before.

Despite one of the weaker Hall of Fame classes we have seen in recent years, it seems pretty clear that Andruw will not be inducted this year. This is unfortunate because as Brad, as well as Cory McCartney earlier this offseason for that matter, Andruw deserves more appreciation from HOF voters than what he is getting. As a generational defensive talent who was an offensive force for nearly a decade, he is, at the very least, a better and more valuable player overall than those who are polling better on this ballot and there is even a pretty decent argument that a few recent inductees should be considered lower on the totem pole than Jones.

Unfortunately for now, we just have to settle for the fact that he will get enough votes to remain on the ballot and is gaining at least some traction on public ballots. His candidacy is still a long shot one...but that seems to be more because of the attitudes and tendencies of the voters than due to any of the work he did on the field.