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The Braves’ five highest exit velocities of the 2020 season

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Here is a look back at the five hardest hits of the season for the Braves according to StatCast.

National League Championship Series Game 4: Atlanta Braves v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Kelly Gavin/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I have been going down the StatCast rabbit hole of late looking back at the 2020 season. Earlier this week, we listed the Braves 10 longest home runs. While that list was impressive, it got me thinking about exit velocity in general so I headed over to Baseball Savant for a look. As expected, Marcell Ozuna and Ronald Acuña Jr. dominated the list with nine of the Braves’ 10 highest exit velocities. Adam Duvall was the only other player to crack the list. I found it interesting that neither this list or the home run list included NL MVP Freddie Freeman, which just speaks to the talent of guys like Ozuna and Acuña.

5. Ronald Acuña Jr: 113.8 MPH (Home Run August 1 vs. Mets)

Our first entry on this list came from Acuña and was his first home run of the season. This low line drive left the bat at 113.8 mph and extended Atlanta’s lead over the Mets to 7-1. Acuña finished 2-for-5 in the game. Touki Toussaint made his first start of the season in this one and tossed four scoreless innings.

4. Ronald Acuña Jr: 114.0 MPH (Home Run August 26 vs. Yankees)

Next up is another homer from Acuña and this one also made the home run list from earlier this week. This blast to lead off the game off of Gerrit Cole left the bat at 114 mph and traveled 473 feet.

3. Adam Duvall: 114.2 MPH (Double August 9 vs. Phillies)

Up next is our first non-homer and is also the only entry on this list that isn’t from Acuña or Ozuna. Here Adam Duvall jumps on a high fastball and hits a missile into the left field corner in Philadelphia. Check out the funny bounce off the wall and how far the ball travels back towards left center before Andrew McCutchen can secure it.

2. Ronald Acuña Jr: 114.8 MPH (Single September 6 vs. Nationals)

I remember when this one happened but I did not remember it being Acuña’s highest exit velocity of the season. Acuña lined the first pitch of the afternoon from Patrick Corbin right back off his leg at 114.8 mph. Corbin recovers to throw him out and ended up lasting 5 1/3 innings but wasn’t terribly effective allowing nine hits and five runs.

1. Marcell Ozuna 115.6 MPH (Double August 28 vs. Phillies)

Ozuna tops the list with a double against the Phillies that left the bat at 115.6 mph. The crack of the bat on this one is substantial.