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The Daily Chop: Activity swirls in the National League East

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The Braves have been quiet, the rest of the National League East has been busy

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

When we are looking at the National League East, the Braves were the ones that struck early. They grabbed Drew Smyly and Charlie Morton on one year deals to fill out their rotation early in the offseason and have now settled in to a bit of a holding pattern waiting for, among other things, some guidance as to whether or not there is going to be a designated hitter in the National League next year before potentially trying for a reunion with Marcell Ozuna.

There is also the matter of Freddie Freeman’s extension which will be pretty pricey. He continued to help his own cause and add to his awards shelf when he won the 2020 Hank Aaron Award to the surprise of exactly no one.

However, the rest of the National League East is bustling with activity, although it is unclear how “good” some of that activity is. The Phillies brought in Dave Dombrowski to run their baseball operations department which, given his track record, is a puzzling choice since the Phillies as an organization don’t really have the assets that Dombrowski likes to mulch into short term gains. There is also the matter that it sounds like the Phillies have a cash crunch which means they may end up being sellers to some degree.

As for the Mets, we know that they were going to make free agency interesting from the moment ownership of the team went to Steve Cohen. However, signing James McCann as their catcher for the next four years wasn’t the splash that a lot of folks thought would happen. From a Braves perspective, that is one more option that is a less likely destination for J.T. Realmuto in the NL East which would be nice.

The Mets also made some news with a front office move as it appears as though they are close to bringing in Jared Porter in as their general manager. Porter worked under Theo Epstein before becoming the assistant general manager for the Diamondbacks. By all accounts, Porter is smart, capable, and has a diverse background which means that the lolMets may be an actual force to contend with soon rather than a running joke.