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The Daily Chop: Digging into the Rule 5 Draft as the offseason continues

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The Rule 5 draft has been a topic on our minds going into the weekend.

2020 World Series Game 3: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Kelly Gavin/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Look, we have seen some activity around the league with teams matching up on trades involving players we have actually heard of. Just because the Braves haven’t been one of those teams doesn’t mean that they are standing pat, it just means they haven’t made decisions yet. Please stop sending your angry tweets...okay, that isn’t going to work but it was worth a try.

Instead, what you should be doing is looking into what the Braves did in the recent Rule 5 Draft which was pretty active as far as Rule 5 Drafts go, particularly in the minor league portion. The Braves didn’t select anyone that they have to keep on the major league roster, but they did select three players to stash in the minor leagues.

In the wake of those selections, we have some “content” for you so that you can do a deep dive beyond the newsy, short articles that everyone wrote after those selections in the Rule 5. First, Matt put together a longer form piece that analyzed each of the three players that the Braves selected and what we like and don’t like about them. It is a worthy read.

If the audio medium is more your speed, you are in luck as the minor league crew put together a brand spanking new Road to Atlanta podcast episode where we talked about the Rule 5 draft as well as the recent changes to the structure of the minor leagues as we know it.

If prospects and the minor leagues are not your thing...well, other than the fact that we can’t be friends, we still have some content for you as we have an article about franchise players in the Braves’ past and present that is definitely worth a look if you like historical comparisons of really sweet players.

MLB News

As for league-wide news, the biggest news of yesterday is that the Phillies hired Dave Dombrowski to head up their baseball operations department. It was very considerate of the Phillies to forgo hiring a forward-thinking executive and, instead, bringing in Dombrowski whose primary marketable skill is in trading away prospects and controllable assets en masse in order to gain very short term advantages that are followed by misery. Given that the Phillies don’t really have the kinds of players that he likes to deal away unnecessarily and given that their seems to be a financial crunch with the team, I am getting the popcorn to watch this trainwreck.

In other news, David Dahl, who was not good in 2020 but was quite good in 2019, signed a one year deal with the Rangers who...well, probably won’t be very good but they are at least being active.