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Josh Donaldson sweepstakes: Twins “likely out of the bidding” for star 3B, per report

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MLB: NLDS-St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Things have ramped up in the race to sign Josh Donaldson, and if you’re a Braves fan, a recent report out of the Star Tribune in Minnesota would indicate good news.

According to the report, the Twins have “grown pessimistic” about their chances in signing Donaldson. “Sources with knowledge of the negotiations say Donaldson has not appeared interested in signing with Minnesota, and the team has begun investigating other options.”

Minnesota never seemed like a very likely suitor for Donaldson as he is from the Alabama area and would presumably prefer to play a little closer to home. Add in the fact the Twins have seldom spent big in free agency and it seems like it’s a long shot at this point.

The Washington Nationals are the other team seen as a major player for Donaldson, although some recent activity would lead us to believe they may not feel great about their chances, either.

Shortly after word broke the Braves have a four-year offer on the table to Donaldson, the Nationals signed Will Harris, Starlin Castro and Asdrubal Cabrera within the next 48 hours.

Neither Castro nor Cabrera would directly block Donaldson, but they now have about $15 million left before they exceed the competitive balance tax. They also have possible holes they would like to address at first base and the backend of their rotation. It’s not impossible to work out and they have plenty of money after their World Series run, but after doing little for months, it seems like a mighty coincidence that they suddenly sign a trio of players right after word came that Donaldson had the four-year offer from the Braves, his presumed preferred destination.