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The Daily Chop: Will any blockbuster trades get done this offseason?

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Speculation continues with regards to the futures of several high-profile trade candidates.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The entire offseason has been filled with rumors of potential blockbuster trades involving Mookie Betts, Francisco Lindor, Nolan Arenado, and Kris Bryant. To this point none of those players have changed teams, and with just a month remaining until teams begin playing Spring Training games, a deal of this magnitude seems less likely with each passing day. Despite the skepticism, rumors have picked up this week with regards to Betts, who has been linked to several teams of late. Will a deal get done for Betts or any of the other aforementioned stars?

Betts is an interesting case in that he has just one year of control remaining, and will be paid very handsomely for that one season. His surplus value is fairly limited due to those two factors, which makes a trade difficult for all parties. The Red Sox would alienate a great deal of the heir fan base by trading a superstar for anything short of an absolute haul, but his lack of surplus value makes it difficult for opposing teams to offer much in the way of prospect capital.

In addition to the difficulties associated with a Betts trade, Bryant has a pending service time hearing, Arenado is owed $234 million plus an opt-out after 2021, and Lindor is less of a burden on the Indians payroll after the trade of Corey Kluber. All of these hurdles make it difficult to envision a blockbuster trade, yet the rumors persist. Will there actually be fire beneath this puff of smoke?

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