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Braves News: Atlanta bowls for charity as White Sox roll into town

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The Braves may have a lot of sore wrists this weekend, but it will have been for a great cause.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports


Braves pitch in for Donaldson’s charity event

Josh Donaldson hosted a charity event on Thursday night, drawing a large host of his teammates as participants in the event. The veteran is fitting right in with the Atlanta clubhouse, and is making a difference in the community with his foundation.

Each of the charity bowling events that Donaldson had staged over the previous four years benefited the Boys & Girls Club. Proceeds from this year’s event will go to the newly created Josh Donaldson Foundation, which helps provide underprivileged children as well as youth from single-parent homes with opportunities to participate in activities that offer access to sports, mentorships and positive life experiences.

Anthopoulos On Donaldson, Riley, Braves Prospects

The Braves GM delves into several topics, including Josh Donaldson, as the final month of the season begins.

“If our best team is with Austin Riley in the outfield and Josh Donaldson at third base, and that makes sense, we’ll do that. … There’s clearly room for both guys; we can see a team with both guys. Problem is, one guy’s a free agent. And I expect the market for him to be strong because of the year that he’s had and what he’s done.”

Bryce Ball has a chance to become the Braves’ next big hitting prospect

This Bryce Ball piece was published yesterday, and last night the burly slugger blasted two homers for Low-A Rome, proving that Eric is a wizard.



10 soon-to-be free agents surging at right time

Two Braves make an appearance on this list.

Aquino continues making history on 14th HR

His first hit and homer came in Atlanta at the start of August. Aquino has 13 homers since.

Caratini’s 2 HRs off deGrom lift Cubs to sweep

Remember when the Braves traded Victor Caratini for Emilio Bonifacio and James Russell?