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Fanpost Friday: Things you were right about, 2019 edition

Only the gloating need apply

MLB: Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2019 regular season more than three-quarters of the way in the books, now seems as good of a time as any to take stock of exactly where the Braves, as a team and a collection of individuals, as well as baseball, really stand. Sure, the remaining 24 percent of the season can definitely torque things, moving full-season performances up or down, but some things have moved from “speculative” to “likely,” while others have gone from “hahaha what” to “huh, I guess that happened.”

In any case, consider this a chance to be as insufferable as possible and gloat publicly about just how right you were. What better way to propel yourself into the home stretch than by being that guy? Did you know the Braves would have a hefty division lead in late August? Are you so un-surprised by Ronald Acuña Jr.’s incipient 30-30 season and insertion into the fringes of the MVP race that your eyes are perpetually rolling in their sockets? Did the psychic gifts you gained as a result of suffering a car accident on a snowy Maine road enable you to foresee that Max Fried would become a really good starter while Mike Foltynewicz crashed and burned?

So, let’s hear ‘em. Limit yourself to one, or don’t. Limit yourself to the Braves, or don’t. You should probably limit yourself to baseball, though — I don’t think anyone wants to hear about your homebrew prediction model for things around the world going up in flames or anything.

And don’t worry, I’m going to be doing my own full accounting of personal successes... though I want the season to get more complete so they, in turn, are more crystallized by the time I publicly gloat myself.

(Reminder: the point of Fanpost Friday is for people to make Fanposts, rather than posting comments. Hence, comments are disabled on this post — go make Fanposts about the stuff you were right about.)