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Braves News: 2020 schedule features Trout, West Coast Opener, and Astros finale

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The Braves have an interesting mixture on the schedule for next season.

2019 MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images


Braves release the 2020 season schedule

MLB released its schedule for the 2020 season, which includes a series at SunTrust Park against the Angels, an opening series in San Diego, and a finale against the Astros.

Snitker’s better bullpen options producing bad results

The Braves tried to upgrade their bullpen at the Trade Deadline, but are still awaiting the rewards of their aggressiveness.

Braves somehow added three relievers who are more accomplished than any they had previously, yet ended up with worse results. Before the new guys showed up, Braves relievers had a 4.00 ERA, third-best in the NL. In 33 innings since then Braves relievers have a 6.55 ERA, which after weekend games was 13th in the 15-team NL during that span.

The Braves have to start playing (and particularly pitching) better at home

Demetrius delves into the Braves’ struggles, especially on mound, at SunTrust Park this season. The club needs to improve at home if they hope to advance in the playoffs.

So then it’s got to be the pitching, right? I’m sighing as I type this because yes, it is the pitching. Looking at their home stats, as a team the Braves’ pitching staff is sitting on an ERA of 4.27 and a FIP of 4.47. They’ve given up 72 dingers at home and have given up 277 runs total. While those numbers are just average, that’s just it: They’re average. Again, when you compare those numbers to what the other teams across baseball are doing at home when it comes to their pitching, you now start to understand part of the reason why Atlanta’s home record is what it is.

Ozzie Albies has grown into one of the league’s absolute best second basemen

On a brighter note, Eric looks at just how great Ozzie Albies has been this season. The diminutive second baseman has been among the best at his position in his second full season with Atlanta.

One would have been excused if they were skeptical that that level of production who continue given what we saw last season. However, instead of falling off and struggling with the adjustments the league continues to make against him, Ozzie has flourished in the second half. Since the All-Star break, Albies is batting .339 as of this writing with a 145 wRC+ and has even see his power uptick in the second half with a .248 ISO compared to a still impressive .196 in the first half.


These Draft picks are off to fast starts

Check out some of the hottest draft picks from the 2019 class, including:

2. Michael Harris, OF, Braves

Not to be outdone by the first-round high schoolers, Harris was just recently jumped from the Gulf Coast League up to the full-season South Atlantic League. The third-rounder tore up the GCL to the tune of a .349/.403/.514 line in 31 games, which put him second in average and in the top 10 in SLG and OPS at the time of his promotion.

Elbow barking, Arrieta mulls shutting down year

More bad news for the Phillies...