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Hear Alex Anthopoulos Discuss the Trade Deadline

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AA takes us fans behind the scenes of the wheeling and dealing

Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Alex Anthopoulos stopped by the Fox Sports Braves broadcast booth to talk about the trade deadline and the newest acquisitions.

There are so much speculation around the trade market about who’s available, who’s moving, and how much who might cost. But it’s great to hear about it from the man in the center of the Braves’ discussions.

Some interesting tidbits here. Said Alex Anthopoulos (in blockquote) of selling clubs:

[A lot of impact players] stayed put. I think that clubs were more willing to dig their heels in, set a price, and if teams weren’t going to match that price, they’re just gonna hold the player, especially if they had control.... That’s probably good for the game and the league.

The takeaway here is that control is gold. He mentioned that a lot of people thought that Will Smith and Vazquez were available. But ultimately he feels that the team control is what kept them from moving. The team control theme continued:

If you look at how our current bullpen is there are a lot of free agents... A lot of turnover there. The fact we control [Shane Greene and Mike Melancon], you know, with both of those guys are on one-year deals, sure we took on a big salary with Melancon... If we take this money into free agency, there’s no guarantee that that free agent really ever wants to come to your place.

Alex Antholoupos understands the big money in Melancon, but appears interested in having a quality bullpen for 2020 as well. As far as landing Shane Greene:

Greene seemed to be the hot player that was going to move. And we figured everybody was on him... We just figured that market might take a while. When you have ten clubs bidding on a guy, if I’m a seller that probably going to take a while to work through my process... The Greene one, we kinda laid back... And then late when [the market] started to define itself a little bit, that’s when we were able to get a deal done.

Alex explained that he was able to watch the market for Shane Greene developed. But in the meantime, they secured Chris Martin early. Also:

  • He also revealed that Shane Greene would be the closer.
  • He let Brian Snitker determine the bullpen roles.
  • Oh and Alex had an idea who might get Zack Greinke before everyone was surprised:

Looking at his no-trade list a few days earlier, we saw that the Astros weren’t on it. And we just talked about it internally (we had no inside knowledge as all). We thought that there was a pretty good chance that he would be a good fit for them.

Inside baseball. Thanks, Alex.