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Braves are now “frontrunners” to sign Dallas Keuchel, per report

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The Braves are all of a sudden a major player in the Dallas Keuchel sweepstakes. Will they pull the winning ticket and sign him?

Houston Astros v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

You just knew that the two major free agent dominos were going to drop once the MLB Draft came and went. Then, after Craig Kimbrel eventually found a new baseball home, it only made sense that Dallas Keuchel would find a new team as well. The rumors have been swirling and while the Yankees were at the forefront of those discussions, it turns out that a new team has emerged as the reported “leaders” to sign the former Astros ace.

The Braves have always reportedly been in the mix to sign Keuchel and it’s been speculated that the Braves are the best fit for Keuchel. However, this is the first time where we’ve seen that Atlanta is actually making a push to sign the 31-year-old lefty. I’m not going to speak for the front office here, but I’d imagine that they probably watched Gaustman’s two most recent starts and figured that it would be worth upgrading the rotation with an external option while they can. They can also do so without losing the draft pick that it would have cost them had the Braves signed Keuchel before the draft.

Also, as MLB Trade Rumors noted, there has been talk that Dallas Keuchel would be open to a one-year deal. The Braves have already added an impact player on a one-year deal in the form of Josh Donaldson and it would make sense if the Braves decide to go down that route with Keuchel. Personally, I’d prefer a multi-year deal to at least bring some stability to the rotation, but they may also be thinking about their pitching depth as an organization.

Either way, the Braves would greatly benefit from bringing in Dallas Keuchel. He may not be the reliever that we all wanted, but high-quality pitching help is always wanted in any form. In the case of a rotation that’s been shaky as of late, Keuchel would give the rotation a huge boost and that would help the pitching staff out as a whole. Let’s just hope that the Braves go from being “frontrunners” to actually crossing the finish line with Keuchel in a Braves uniform this season.